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Crossbleed Engine Start

Checklist for Engine-Start on an A320 family aircraft over crossbleed.


This procedure should be performed only when parking brake is set!

Before Start
ENG Bleed (running engine) check ON
ENG Bleed (receiving engine) OFF
X-Bleed OPEN
When cleared to Start


Check that the area behind and infront of engine is clear!

Adjust the thrust of supplying engine to obtain a bleed pressure of 30 PSI before start initiation and make sure to maintain at least 25 PSI during engine start.

Engine Procedure Normal Start
After Engine available

- If External Pneumatic Air is used to start Engine 1

Thrust Lever (supplying engine) IDLE
X-Bleed AUTO
Engine Bleed (recieving engine) ON
Packs check ON

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Only for Flight Simulation!

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