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A320 Engine Oil System

FMGS Overview

Oil Flow

The Oil is pumped from the Oil Tank through a Oil Filter into the engine, where it is used to lubricate engine components. (1)

Should the Oil Filter become clogged, oil is bypassed to allow continued lubrication. (2)

The oil is scavanged back into the oil tank by so called Scavange Pumps. Before it gets back to the oil tank it is filtered again and then sent through the Servo Fuel Heater and the Fuel/Oil Heat exchanger in order to cool the oil itself but also to heat the fuel. (3)


Oil pressure is measured by a pressure sensor and there is also a low oil pressure switch as a backup to identify a faulty pressure sensor.

Oil Temperature is measured before it enters the engine components.

Oil Pressure Advisory (< 16 PSI) (4)

  • Oil Pressure between 16 and 13 PSI (continue normal operation)

  • If engine is below 13 PSI (red Indication) without the ENG 1 (2) OIL LO PR alert, continue normal operation (it can be assumed that the oil pressure transducer is faulty)

In both cases monitor other engine parameters especially oil temperature and oil quantitiy.

Oil Quantity Advisory (< 3 qt) (5)

The oil quantity in the tank can decrease at high thrust settings due to the effect of oil gulping. In that case, the indicated oil quantity will increase again after thrust reduction.

Monitor the affected engine oil parameters and crosscheck with the other engine. As long as the oil temperature and the oil pressure remain within limits, normal engine operation is not affected.

If the oil quantity continues to decrease the ECAM alert ENG 1 (2) OIL LO PR can be triggered.

Oil Temperature Advisory (> 140°C) (6)

An increase in oil temperature durning normal state operation indicates a system malfunction and should be closely monitored for other symptoms of engine malfunction.

In addition, an increase in oil temperature could be related to th IDG oil cooling system. To reduce oil temperature before limits are reached, the following is recommended:

  • At Low Speed - Increase engine speed to increase fuel flow and thereby cool IDG oil

  • At High Speed - Reduce generator load or turn off generator. If oil temperature continues to

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